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About Us

Carol and Michael Wolf established Michael Wolf Interiors in 1968, in Anaheim, California. MW Interiors started out to be a design firm for residential and commercial properties. Michael Wolf Interiors was growing at a rapid pace and incorporated in 1979. In the 1990's Michael Wolf Interiors, Inc. decided to have a specialty division just for the growing Theater Industry. DBA, Wolf Theater Services.

We have developed an excellent reputation in our industry for providing on time workmanship as well as hassle free. Our staff of professionals is dedicated to providing our clients with quality work in an efficient manner to meet theatre owners and managers needs. Throughout the years, our corporation has expanded into a national theatre interior specialists company. From custom drapery manufacturing as well as installation, screen cleaning, wall sconces and Mecho Shade systems.

Over the years, Wolf Theatre Services has completed several projects for many companies, such as Edwards Cinemas, Regal Entertainment Group, Mann Theatres, The Empire State Building, Cheesecake Factory, Grand Lux and The Richard Nixon Library.

Products & Services

  • Cleaning with Wolf Sheen Process
  • Wall Sconce Dimmable Compact Fluorescent System
  • Mecho Shade Sun Screen for Lobby and Box Office
  • Screen Installation and Repair
  • Speaker Installation
  • Side Wall Draperies Free Hanging and Pull & Tack
  • WTS Registered Flame Retardant Fabric
  • Full Front-End Installation and Masking Repair
  • Wall Carpet Stocking Dealer & Special Order Pricing and Installation