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Screen Cleaning

Wolf Theatre Services, your one-stop theatre front end service center. Ranging from National landmarks to national theatre chains to single screen theatres, Wolf Theatre Services leads the pack in providing reliable, quality and cost effective services. We provide innovative solutions, meeting the needs of the theatre industry. WTS Sheen Clean Emulsifier will lift and remove what is on your screen, improving and protecting the screen’s luminescence. We will attack the dirt, not the screen. Since it is impossible to repair damage to a screen's surface we begin each job by surveying the screen with the managers. At the end of each job, we record the pre-existing and current condition of each screen giving the theatre and management a checkpoint. Our trained technicians are extremely experienced. We understand that each screen is different and requires individual treatment. How do we determine the best method for cleaning your High Gain and Matt screens? Simply put, by the type of candy, dirt or soda, on that screen. That is why our technicians are trained to handle everything from gummy bears, mustard, ketchup, nacho cheese sauce, water leaks, masking stains, and streaking.

The Wolf Sheen Movie Screen Cleaning Process is safe and highly effective. When serviced on a regular basis, our process will prolong the life of a movie screen and enhance its visual lumination. Wolf Theatre Services strives to earn your business and maintain a long lasting and satisfied relationship.

Our 35 year track record shows that Wolf Theatre Services stands behind its guarantee of continuous high-level service and products.

Let's Look At The Screen

Never, never use the white light from your projector. This will damage your lens and is not very effective in showing you the real problem. To properly inspect the screen you need a Halogen light at an angle. Look at the screen from the opposite angle of the light and then straight on. All of the foreign surface debris can be seen easily. This is the best way to see the amount of debris that is on the screen and any surface damage.

Also take a look at the masking. Dirty masking is a sure sign that you have a dirty screen. If dirt and lint is easily spotted, then it’s a sure bet that the same amount of dirt and lint is up on your screen decreasing the amount of light reflected (measured in foot lamberts). Cleaning the movie screen can bring the foot lamberts back up in most cases, and it can help to extend the life of the movie screen.

What's On My Screen?

When theatre managers and owners call, we often hear about how the viewing audience threw something onto the screen.

The following is a list of some of the things that movie goers, janitorial services and air pollution have done to a screen: Screen shot with a paintball gun, built up dust from improper air flow, broom handle paint, soda spills, candy, nacho cheese sauce, mustard and ketchup, grease, scratches punctures and slashes.

It is important to remember not to try and clean your screen yourself. You can dust your screen with our Screen Saber Kit between cleanings to prevent permanent damage to your screens reflective surface. Our Wolf Sheen Process attacks the dirt and NEVER the vinyl. Our emulsifier will save you from replacing a screen that WTS can clean.