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Strategies for the Digital Age

It’s really a simple idea… and vital to staying competitive in the new marketplace. Screens should be maintained on a regular basis, dusted once a month with advanced disposable electrostatic sleeve cleaning product such as Screen Saber Tm, from WTS, and cleaned each year by the professional organization using the world’s finest and safest screen cleaning process. Wolf Theater Services serviced movie theaters across the country, rejuvenating their screens and revitalizing the images without screen replacement. A well-maintained screen is an inexpensive necessity. Layers of dust dull the image, and foreign materials on the surface of the screen disturb the pristine optical quality that management expects from recent high-cost equipment upgrades. A dull image is subtle until contrasted with the same image on a cleaned screen, but it creates an impression of second-rate quality that drives patrons away over the long term.

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Wolf  Theater Services provides our clients with the finest quality of fabrics. We stock thousands of yards of flame retardant base cloth in grey goods that are converted into custom clolor match finished goods. Our custom design department will design artistic palette prints and themes just for you. We manufacture our custom draperies at our own manufacturing division in Santa Ana, California.